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‘Chickpea’ has arrived!

‘Chickpea’ is now with us and has been called Phoebe Farrer. I’m really excited to be an auntie and I can’t wait to make more things for her…

Here are a few images below of both the quilt and the label. I worked the label in both stem stitch and outline stitch in order to get around the tight curves of the font. The label is 10cm small so it was quite fiddly work but fun. I now feel ready to do a slightly bigger quilt which I imagine will be cot size – you never know I might end up doing a King-size quilt if I really get the quilting bug!

chickpeas label

Here’s my machine and sewing environment which is not a bad place for spending a few hours with your foot down absorbed in sewing! I also teach from here too. Ill be catching up with you all soon to show you my next project in appliqué and goldwork for a class I’m teaching later this summer. I hope you all enjoy yet another long bank holiday weekend…

What a view


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