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Competed Commissions

The holey tablecloths were repaired with surface couching and darning techniques and are now usable again! Both Sheila and Dot were very happy with the outcome and here are some before and after photos of both tablecloths below.

Sheila’s Table Cloth – Images of before and after

2016-04-01 14.43.07

Moth eaten corner of the cloth prior to repairs

2016-05-03 14.08.11

Completed repairs

2016-04-15 14.24.37

Detail photo of darning and weaving through holes.

Dot’s Table Cloth – Images of before and after below

2016-04-11 17.08.34

One of the many holes – Image prior to surface couching repair

2016-04-11 17.29.51

Surface couching repair

Last week I was handed a first copy of my Appliqué book and I am very pleased with the end result. Its looking likely that the date of publication my come forwards towards the beginning/ middle of July rather than the end. To pre- order your book click on the link; Kate Cross’ Applique Book

If you missed the TV series by Dan Jones which featured the RSN. I have found the article “ English Embroidery; the forgotten wonder of the medieval world” in the Spectator. Its a fabulous insight into the Art of Hand Embroidery when embroidery was most desirable in the Middle ages and was known across the world as Opus Anglicanum or ‘The work of the English’. Its beauty was so desirable that it was considered to be the best in the world and was traded globally.

Godalming Classes planned for 2016 to satisfy embroidery appetites(cake and kit included) are running on the following weekends ;

Introduction to Embroidery – Saturday 28th of May -£75

Introduction to Goldwork and Silkshading Embroidery – Saturday 11th of June – £85

Introduction to Jacobean Embroidery – Saturday 22nd of October -£75

Silverwork Embroidery – Saturday the 12th of November and Sunday the 13th of November  – £135

For images of class kits in Godalming please click on this link;Godalming Class Kit Details

I offer private tuition on a one-to-one basis on all embroidery techniques at a cost of £35 per hour so please do phone/email me and let me know if there is an additional technique that you would like to learn.

Do come and visit the Certificate and Diploma and Future Tutor’s Exhibition at Hampton Court where all the students and tutors efforts can be admired. The show is open to the public from the 5th of July to the 10th of July – the students work is technically amazing.

For those of you who would like to complete an extended class at Hampton Court I am teaching two three day classes over the summer; silkshading with stumpwork and Goldwork. To view the class kits and book onto the classe/s please click on the individual links below;

Silkshading and Stumpwork Butterfly

Goldwork Seashells

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