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Summer update

So… I have been busy over the last few weeks…

Here are the beginnings of a Goldwork design that I will be teaching to a private group in Wales towards the end of July. Initially, with Goldwork embroidery you pad all areas and then lay down the gold on top of this padding to provide dimension to the embroidery. Later in July I will give you all a preview to a sparkly image!

New images 023.jpg webversionI have also been working on a machined quilt for a while for a friends baby’s (Jack) first birthday. This one took sometime as there was a lot of measuring and tacking involved in order to give me the best chance of getting the quilt fitting together! You can see both quilts that I have recently made below.

23rd of may 2014 017.jpg web sizeI am proud to say that a student of mine- Helen Bacon has been working on an exhibition called “Inspired Embroidery” at Ham House (National Trust) in Richmond. Her work sits in context with the historic setting and Helen is happy for visitors to touch and feel her tactile textile pieces. The exhibition of Helen’s embroidery runs from Sat July 12 – Thurs July 17th. For further information please take a look at the following link

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In my next blog I will be sharing a few images of both my regular students and their work. My regular students that I teach from home are called Jane, Mavis, Caroline and Jean. They are currently all working on a Stumpwork and Metal threads kit that I will be teaching at the RSN from the 20th to the 22nd of August. If you like the look of this design below and want to book onto the class then please click on; or if you are interested in private tuition please email me.

recently downloaded 354.jpg web

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