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Welcome to my first ever blog!

My blog will keep you updated with what I’m currently creating and share ideas that inspire my own creative process. On my creative journey with you, I will be sharing visual talents that fill my heart with joy and keep my hand embroidery fresh and alive. My creative process is driven by my love of beauty and intrigue in the world around me. The ability to share is essential for creativity. I hope my handmade items will lift your spirit and inspire your own creative thoughts…

I want to share with you a very special shell patchwork quilt that I am working on. Mum Farrer made this in the early 80s for my brother. Now that the first Farrer baby known to us all as “Chickpea” is on its way (courtesy of my brother and his wife, also called Kate Farrer) I have been breathing a new lease of life into the quilt. Along with quilting through all the hand patchwork, I am also creating a label for the reverse of the quilt. I’ll post some more pics once the quilt is complete and of course, once Chickpea arrives and is snuggly and warm in the completed quilt.

Embroidered message

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